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Bohol at Glance

Bohol is derived from the word Bo-ho or Bo-ol. This island is situated in the Central Visayas region. The tenth largest island of the Philippines with land area of 4117.3 square kilometers. And was first settled by Australoid people. Until today this race still inhabit the island and are known as Eskaya tribe. Their tribe later absorbed into the Austronesian or Malay-Polynesian. These people living in Bohol traded with other islands in the Philippines as far as China and Borneo.

Pre Spanish Time

Prior to the arrival of Spaniards, Bohol’s first indigenous tribe settled in Anda peninsula. They came from the northeast part of Mindanao. Another group of people from the northern Mindanao settled in the strait between Bohol and Panglao Island. At around 12th century these people established the Kedatuan Kingdom of Dapitan in western Bohol. They occupied the shores and the entire Island of Panglao.

Spanish Colonial Era

A Spanish explorer named Miguel Lopez de Legaspi arrived in Bohol seeking spices and gold. The native king Datu Sikatuna was hesitant to receive the Spanish explorer but after convincing the native chieftain that they were not Portuguese (who raided Mactan island in 1521) Legaspi made a peace pact with Datu Sikatuna. The Alliance of the two great men was being signified with their own blood. This was the first international treaty of peace and unity through a blood compact. This alliance is known today by many Filipinos as Sandugo. An event “Sandugo or Blood compact festival” is celebrated in Bohol every year during the month of July. The Boholano culture was hugely influenced by Spain and Mexico during colonization. Many traditional dances, music, dishes and other cultural traditions have Hispanic influence. In 1632, father Francisco Ignacio Alcina a Jesuit missionary in his writings and documentations, he called Bohol as the “Venice of the Visayas”.

Eco Tourism Destination

In the early 1970s, Bohol tourism was formally established with the creation of the Panglao tourism estate. Though, prior into this date Bohol has been receiving tourist travelers from western countries but since then the tourism industry of Bohol blossom into what it is today. The province island has carved its name into the tourism world as top tourist destination in the country or even in the world. With the effort to increase the number of tourist arrivals, in the year 2015 the Bohol tourism counsel and stakeholders with the assistance of the Department of Tourism and Japan International Cooperation Agency, a program called “ ECO TOURISM BOHOL’’ was launched. The objectives are to develop new tourist destinations in Bohol given its vast natural resources like mangroves and cultural heritage sites and similarly to contribute on local economy and augment community income. The said program will complement the original and best seller signature sites and destinations such as Chocolate hills, Loboc River cruise, Tarsier watching, Panglao beaches, Dolphin watching and Island hopping - that have gained landmark notices from tourist and guest around the world.

Bohol at Present

Today, Bohol have already reached a remarkable mark in terms of tourism, though it still has a long way to go however, rooms for opportunity to grow is big. For the last 5 years business establishment aimed to tourists are sprouting like mushrooms from Luxury Hotels and Beach resorts, Malls and Supermarkets, Fine dining resto to fast food chains. We have Henann resort Alona, BE Grand Resort and Bellevue Resort in Panglao to name a few. The newly built Alturas Mall, Island City Mall and Galleria Luisa Mall. Some home grown specialty dining like Jaz Sizzlin and Gerardas. The expansion of Mc Donalds from a single store a year ago to 3 this year with drive thru facility plus the 3 stores of Jollibee. And in the next couple of years the most awaited an ever long dream of Boholanos the Panglao International Airport will formally open. These are some of the indication that Bohol has come a long way from a sleepy province into a modern destination way back 25 years ago.

Ways in Getting Bohol

  • Coming from Manila you can reach Bohol by Air or by Boat/Ferrys. Travelling by boat is the cheapest one but of course it takes your time around 16 hours at sea. There are 3 Airlines you can choose from namely Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia. The travel time is just 1 hour and 30 minutes and will land in Tagbilaran city Airport.

  • Coming from Cebu you can reach Bohol by Fast sea crafts/ferrys and slow boat/ferrys. The fast crafts serving this route are 2GO (Super cat), Ocean Jet and Wee Sam ferry for 2 hours trip and 4 hours by slow Boat/Ferry will stop in Tagbilaran city port.

  • If your hotel or resort is in the city or in Panglao you can call a tricycle our local version of Cab. Other options like Van or car rentals are also available outside the port terminals. Taxis are limited and by on call basis.

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