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River is LIFE part 1

Many centuries ago and until today rivers are being used as center of commerce, source of livelihood, means of transportation, source of power & energy and being utilized as tourist attractions. That is why they are being called & synonymous to life.

Here in Bohol, we are blessed with many rivers. Among the famous is the Loboc River. This is one of the major destination of Bohol. In the 1.5 kilometer distance, a river cruise on a floating restaurant is the main attraction. The river cruise start in the town of Loboc & travel upstream to Busay falls. Because the Loboc river cruise offers visitors to experienced the beauty & serenity in the most beautiful section of the river, it is now widely known across the country and even abroad.

The cruise includes Buffet Lunch whom most of the tour operator includes in the itinerary as the main highlights of the tour. Additionally, on board on each of the floating resto are the serenaders who will perform their repertoire while cruise goes upstream.

The river cruise ends at the Busay water falls. After a short turn around you will now have the opportunity to enjoy and experience the other side of the river before you disembark.

So come to Bohol, Join our Bohol Countryside Tour and experience the river is Life.

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