Pricing and Cancellation policy

The prices you may have seen on the website or email are not live. Although prices and availability are being updated regularly but are subject to availability and prices can change at any time. However, we strive hard to offer a competitive prices on our current offerings that would mutually beneficial for all.


Adult- Full Charge

Children 4 years and above- Full Charge

Children 3 years below- FREE OF CHARGE

In the event of booking cancellations due to whatever reasons like flight delays and flight cancellations,Acts of God, Riot,strike or civil comotion. A cancellation charges my apply. Only the lead name can ask us to cancel it or remove any of the name guest or person from it. You must put your instruction to cancel the booking or cancel off any name included in the booking in writing and send it to our correspondence address or thru email as stated on our confirmation invoice or vouchers. The cancellation charges may apply from the date we receive your cancellation instruction of our office or on our email inbox. For us to cover our expected losses from the cancellation theres a set of charges which must be paid by you or thru refund.

Cancellation Charge or REFUND

* This is applicable to Confirmed Tour bookings only

Days prior to actual date of Tour or travel date

15 days- 50% refund*

10 days- 30% refund*

07 days- No refund*

No show- No refund 


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Panglao Island

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